Dear Valued Customer: 

Unfortunately, our restaurant on 3rd Street has closed permanently on August 22nd. We’re really going to miss being your corner hot dog joint! 

The good news is we’re going full throttle with our two food trucks. You can count on us to continue serving the Vienna Beef hot dogs, Italian Beef, and sausages you crave at locations and events around Longmont and the Front Range. 

Why are we doing this, you might ask? Basically, despite our many loyal customers, COVID business conditions made it difficult to survive as a full-time restaurant - and as the cold weather approaches it will only get worse.  

So … how will you find us? 

Here is our our plan: 

● Each Monday morning, we will publish our schedule for the week on social media and our website and send it directly to your email! 

   We plan to serve you from convenient and consistent locations all around Longmont.

   If you don’t currently get our emails, just sign up in the box at the bottom of the page.

● Our website calendar will be routinely updated with upcoming public events and locations. 

● We will regularly be serving at Garden Acres Park and Sandstone Park for sports activities. 

● We will continue to provide call-in for pick-up and delivery services whenever possible. 

● Online ordering will be temporarily discontinued, but we hope to reopen it soon. 

Thanks SO MUCH for your patronage and many compliments over the past 2 years. 

Stop in to see us before the 22nd.  

And please visit our Food Trucks during this big transition.

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Jonny's of Longmont

Phone: 720-684-5104