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Food Truck Menu

"What can we make for you today?"

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In September of 2019, Jonny’s launched its first food truck. Since that time we have served many breweries, civic events and industrial sites around Longmont and the Front Range, receiving rave reviews for the quality and affordability of our food.




Chicago Dog     $5.50

Vienna all-beef frank, mustard, relish, onion, dill pickle spear, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt, served on a steamed poppy seed bun

Hot Dog Your Way     $5.50

Vienna all-beef frank, topped as you’d like, served on a steamed poppy seed bun

Chili Cheese Dog   $6.50

Vienna all-beef frank, cheese sauce, chili, chopped onion, served on a steamed poppy seed bun



Bratwurst     $7.50

Bratwurst steeped in beer and onion, grilled onion, mustard, served on a steamed poppy seed bun

Maxwell St. Polish     $8:00

Grilled Polish sausage, mustard, grilled onion, sport peppers, served on a French roll

Italian Sausage     $9:00

Mild Italian sausage, marinara, hot or sweet peppers, served on a French roll



Italian Beef     $10.00

Slow-roasted house made beef, sweet or hot peppers on a French roll. Dry, wet, or dipped.

Italian Beef/Sausage Combo     $11.00

Italian sausage topped with slow-roasted beef, hot or sweet peppers, served on a French roll

Gyro     $9.00

Beef and lamb gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion, feta cheese on a warm pita

Veggie Wrap     $7.00

Warm pita with hummus, tzatziki, mixed greens, onion, carrot, tomato, and feta cheese

Cheeburger! Cheeburger!     $9.00  

1/3 lb. of deliciously seasoned ground beef grilled to perfection Chicago diner style, topped with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, ketchup, mustard, and mayo served on a large sesame bun.

Fried Chicken Sandwich         $7.50

A deep fried chicken breast topped with lettuce, tomato, Mayo and mozzarella cheese on a toasted bun. 



Included Toppings          

Mustard, spicy brown mustard, ketchup, relish, pickle spear, sport peppers, tomato, onion, celery salt, mayo

Premium Toppings             add $0.55

Chili, cheese sauce, marinara, grilled onion, sweet peppers, hot peppers, sauerkraut

Cheese             add $0.55

Mozzarella, Provolone, American, Feta



French Fries/Tots Regular    $3.50

Fresh hand-cut russet potato fries, lightly salted

Cheese Fries/Tots     $4.25

Hand-cut fries with cheese sauce

Chili Cheese Fries/Tots     $5.00

Hand-cut fries with chili, cheese sauce, onion

Chips                         $1.75

Don't forget to ask about our specials!